As a directive from Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer all residents of Ohio and Michigan have been asked to adhere
to a stay at home order. As a result of this directive, MTS Seating and MTS Burgess are temporarily suspending our manufacturing operations as of
11:30 pm on Monday, March 23, 2020 through Monday, April 13, 2020. As of this writing MTS/MTS Burgess plan on resuming normal business operations
on Tuesday, April 14, 2020.


On March 18, 2020, Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, H.R. 6201 (Act). The Act will now take effect on April 2, 2020
and will expire on December 31,2020. The Act responds to the novel COVID-19 outbreak by providing paid sick leave and free COVID-19 testing,
expanding food assistance and unemployment benefits and requiring employers to provide additional protections for healthcare workers. Below is
a summary of this.

Of the Act’s provisions, most relevant to employees are its temporary guarantees of an Emergency Paid Sick Leave.


All employees of MTS Seating/ MTS Burgess are eligible for paid sick leave beginning on April 2, 2020.

Under the Act, employees are eligible for 80 hours of paid sick leave for COVID-19-related reasons for eligible full-time employees. MTS/MTS Burgess
piece-rated employees will be compensated at their hourly annual average wage and all hourly employees will be compensated at their hourly rate.

There are six qualifying reasons for coverage under this bill.

1. The employee is subject to a federal, state or local quarantine or isolation order related to COVID-19;
2. The employee has been advised by a health care provider to self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID-19;
3. The employee is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking medical diagnosis;
4. The employee is caring for an individual who is subject to a federal, state or local quarantine order, or the individual has been advised
to self-quarantine due to concerns related to COVID-19;
5. The employee is caring for the employee's son or daughter, if the child's school or childcare facility has been closed or the child's
care provider is unavailable due to COVID-19 precautions; or
6. The employee is experiencing any other substantially similar condition specified by Health and Human Services in consultation with the
Department of the Treasury and the Department of Labor.

Employees have immediate access to Emergency Paid Sick Leave hours and are not required to utilize other paid leave before using the paid leave
provided by this bill. As a reminder, paid sick leave hours under this act can only be used for COVID-19 related reasons.


Eligible employees are strongly encouraged to apply for unemployment benefits online at or by calling 866-500-0017.
UIA offices will continue to serve the public, but lobbies are only open to residents with appointments.
The governor’s Executive Order 2020-10 also expands unemployment benefits to:
Sick Workers: Workers who are sick, quarantined, or immunocompromised and who do not have access to paid family and medical leave or are laid off.
Workers Caring for Loved Ones: Workers who have an unanticipated family care responsibility, including those who have childcare responsibilities
due to school closures, or those who are forced to care for loved ones who become ill and who do not have access to paid family and medical
leave or are laid off.
The governor’s order also extends access to benefits for unemployed workers:
Increased Weeks: Benefits will be increased from 20 to 26 weeks.
Longer Application Time: The application eligibility period will be increased from 14 to 28 days.
Fewer Requirements: The in-person registration and work search requirements will be suspended

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